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Mark Latham: ALP is full of useful idiots assisting cultural Marxism

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Mark Latham, The Daily Telegraph

When Vladimir Lenin coined the phrase “useful idiots” in politics, he gave us a handy way of understanding Bill Shorten’s Labor Party.
As identity politics has taken hold of our major public institutions and private companies, Labor politicians have played along.
In wanting to help so-called “oppressed minorities”, they have fallen into the trap of naively assisting the far more dangerous agenda of cultural Marxism.
media_cameraMark Latham. Picture: Harold David

In the eyes of this far-Left movement, they are very useful idiots.
With the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, most people thought Marxism had been defeated.
But this was only true of economic Marxism — government control of the means of production.
Like a scene from a Terminator movie, neo-Marxists reassembled themselves, morphing into an even more menacing force.
They adopted the tactics of the Italian writer Antonio Gramsci (1891-1937). Instead of seeking economic control, they pursued cultural control by manipulating the beliefs, values and language of society.
Gramsci proposed a “long march through the institutions”, steadily taking over universities, schools, media outlets and government agencies by appointing like-minded people to senior positions.
media_cameraKarl Marx argued for state control of production.
media_cameraAntonio Gramsci argued that socialists should first control culture, beliefs and values of a society before being able to control the economy.

Sound familiar?
This is what has happened to Australia over the past 20 years. Political correctness is being used to control our language.
Gender fluidity courses in schools are being used to teach young people there is no such thing as fixed, biological science.
Post-structuralist Marxism is now the dominant ideology in Australia’s universities, such that students are being made to “unlearn” all prior knowledge and to regard history, science and even education itself as “capitalist constructs”.
Employment quotas and theories of “unconscious bias” are dismantling merit-based recruitment, with people hired by the medieval habit of how they look (skin colour and gender).
The overall impact has been to create a society devoid of certainty, drained of institutional ballast.
Cultural Marxism aims to convince people their true beliefs and identities in life are being repressed, that in feeling anxious and uneasy, they need to rise up against the existing social order.
It’s a powerful movement that started in the underbelly of our institutions and now dominates around 80 per cent of Australian public life.
The rest of us, the 20 per cent, are the resistance.
I say these things from a background in the right-wing of the Labor Party, where I fought the Left internally on most issues.
But I’m not the only one saying it.
Peter Baldwin, the intellectual leader of the Socialist Left faction in the period of the Hawke and Keating governments, has been making similar points.
He has called for a new political alliance: for conservatives, libertarians and traditional social democrats to unite in preserving the values of the 17th-century Enlightenment.
To defend freedom, science and reason.
To fight for fraternity: bringing people together in common cause.
This is where Shorten and Labor have lost the plot. Identity politics is an incredibly divisive doctrine.
It pits Australians against each other: black versus white, female versus male, gay versus straight.
The neo-Marxists like it this way, as it creates the preconditions of political unrest: large parts of society agitating on spurious grounds.
Why would Labor ever endorse it?
media_cameraOpposition Leader Bill Shorten sees Aboriginals, migrants and females as victims, according to Mark Latham. Picture: Kym Smith

The founding purpose of social democracy is to encourage co-operation between people, transcending self-interest and superficial differences such as skin colour.
Under Shorten’s leadership, the ALP has ditched this kind of thinking.
It’s now a wholly owned subsidiary of identity politics, where questions of race, gender and sexuality are central to its policymaking.
Shorten believes Australia is so bigoted that a democratic vote on same-sex marriage would force large numbers of gay people to kill themselves — a false prophecy.
He sees Aboriginal, migrant and female Australians as victims of institutionalised prejudice.
He has said an ALP government will actively discriminate in favour of these groups.
This means more safe space segregation, more language policing, more radical gender theory, more job quotas and more damaging social division.
In effect, the Daniel Andrews Labor model in Victoria will be imported to Canberra.
These policies are not only wrong but unnecessary. Research has consistently shown Australia to be one of the most tolerant nations on earth.
A major study inside the Prime Minister’s Department earlier this year found that, if anything, we tend to overcompensate in supporting women, migrants and Aborigines, in giving them a fair go.
media_cameraMark Latham believes the Yes campaign is remarkably unconcerned by the need to protect religious freedoms. Picture: AAP

For the cultural Marxists, the purpose of identity politics is not to empower so-called minorities but to tear down perceived majorities — most notably, white straight men.
In the same-sex marriage debate, for instance, the Yes campaign is remarkably unconcerned by the need to protect religious freedoms.
Christians are expected to suffer into the future, just as gays claim to have suffered in the past.
Similarly, radical left feminists are not intent on empowering women, but disenfranchising men — to make them pay for past perceptions of privilege.
Recently, a Mark Latham’s Outsiders viewer wrote to me describing how, in his workplace in Melbourne, men were being sacked under a policy of eliminating “stale, pale males”.
Division of this kind is sparking bitter resentment.
It’s destroying social capital and the cause of Labor.
The one person with a moral duty to speak out against it is Shorten.
Yet he sees his role as egging it on.
This is a stunning betrayal of social democracy: a Labor leader who has lit a Bonfire of the Vengeances, with Australians fighting each other on the basis of race, gender and sexuality.
Truly a useful idiot.
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